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Over the last decade, Computer Aided Design, also known as CAD softwares are proving to be quite a boon for the engineers as their prototypes are finally being modeled and visualized as they always wished to. However, these models are supposed to be analyzed for their aesthetics and material density; for which, you require professionals.

The designers at 1click3dprint are capable to understand, take your feedback and make ‘real-time’ changes in the design to provide you with the best output through CAD 3D printing.


How does CAD 3D printing work?

At 1Click3DPrint, most of our designs are printed using 3D CAD softwares. Our company has the licenses to use some of the best softwares so that we can print 3D prototypes out of the following:

  1. Patent drawings
  2. Fabrication drawings
  3. Shop drawings and
  4. Manufacturing drawings

We make it a point that every prototype gets carved in 3D in a meticulous way so that the output is perfect.


How do we help you with printing CAD models?

1click3dprint has all the facilities to craft 3D CAD models which can be converted into the formats compatible to our 3D printers. But we need the following before we go ahead:

  • 2D or CAD drawing
  • A sketch
  • An idea or an example of a prototype

Once we gather all the information about your 3D CAD model, we insist on using the best quality material for printing it. We also offer 3D printed parts for different prototypes.


What does it cost?

At 1Click3DPrint, we convert your dreams into reality by putting in all our efforts. Therefore we believe in fixing rates that are quite affordable and also offer you with a quote for your CAD model according to the image or drawing provided by you.

The costs of printing depend on the design, material used and the complexity of the model.


Why approach us for CAD 3D printing?

Being one of the leading providers of CAD 3D printing, our team of designers are quite experienced and disciplined in offering the complete range of CAD services to numerous local and international clients.

Through 1Click3DPrint you can come to us with simple as well as the most complex prototype designs and we promise to deliver it within the deadlines given by you. The projects that we have delivered so far include 3D product design & development, 3D design visualization, 3D previews as well as 3D animation of objects before printing them.

If you have an idea which needs to be printed and have no idea how to do it; approach us and our CAD softwares will make it possible. Upload your model here!

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