3D PrintShow: New York City to See the Best of Innovations from 16th to 19th April, 2015!

The most awaited 3D PrintShow is sailing to New York this Year. The conference will be held from 16th to 19th April, 2015. The centre is known for its innovation and creativity in 3D printing for various fields. Right from the Art to Fashion, you will be able to see the most extraordinary products of three-dimensional printing.

3d printing show 2015, new york

An Opportunity for New Generation Creators

3D PrintShow is a perfect platform to showcase your skills in the present world of 3D printing. It is expected that there will be many products which will leave the audience amazed at the conference! The best part of the event is there are various opportunities for the youngsters who have the best of creativity and designing skills.


Workshops and Seminars

Not only the presentations from various experts and newbies, but there is also lot to learn for those who are new to 3D printing technology. Various workshops will be conducted where the students will get a chance to learn the new technique used to print a product in 3D. The seminars will also be held and the speakers will be industry giants speaking about their experience and the future of three-dimensional printing.


Various Categories for Participants

The manufacturers and the experts of 3D printing industry who are eager to showcase their products have various categories to participate. Some of them are kitchen, art gallery, fashion & jewelery home, home, knowledge bar, lab and skyline.


Several industry experts are waiting for this mega event and 3D printing manufacturers from Miami are equally excited to take part in the event. If you are looking forward to be a part of 3D PrintShow conference, don’t delay your plans, because there is not much time left for the event to go live.

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