3D Model Printing: Craft Your Future!

Gone are the days when 3D printing was just a technology that created prototypes. It has now become a game changing system that can print any type of 3D model for domains like engineering, architecture, fashion as well as retail industries.


Some of the most astonishing models have been printed by the industries that are involved in the three dimensional printing. Read ahead to know what miracles have been crafted for your future:

A Green Home:

So you think the houses can be built just out of brick, stone and wood? Well, you might need to rethink there. Lately, a company in china has printed ten three dimensional houses out of recycled products. Isn’t that a great green initiative? As the world is moving towards lessening carbon emissions, it would be quite fascinating to move in to a house that is printed. Think about it…

Make that up:

There is good news for the females who are inclined towards cosmetics and love to look at their best! In a conference named ‘Tech Disrupt’ that took place this year, a 3D model printing of ‘Make-Ups’ was introduced. This printer they say; can print eye shadows, powders as well as a wide range of foundations. Now who would have thought that? There might be a day when you will be able to print your own make ups…at home! Imagine!

A new YOU:

Yes, you can print yourself. And how?! The new CAD technology will enable you to print around sixty images of yourself and it will be as detailed as your face is. There are various character designers working with printing companies that design a 3D model prototype as apt as the real one. In future, you will be able to own the face of each of your family member. Just for keeps!

Music to your ears:

The music lovers and artists can now print and strum a print model guitar. Singing your favorite tunes and jamming along with others is as easy as 1, 2 and 3 now! Various artists have already started using these printed guitars. Isn’t that real music to your ears? You bet it is!

With the world of three dimensional printing spreading wings, why should you be left behind? Avail one of these services at the earliest!

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