3d Model Printing: On Your Mark, Get Set, Print!

3D printing is another name for additive printing wherein three dimensional objects are printed by using layers of different materials. This technology is gaining a lot of popularity among all the industries as it can print whatever one can name. And that too in a simple three stepped process.

So how is 3D Model Prototype made? What is the 3 step processed involved? Let’s take a look:

Crafting a design:

Once the manufacturer approaches the 3D printing firm with a particular design and the deal is signed, the firm assigns a team of CAD (Computer Aided Design) designers that work towards designing the model for the clients. After the client confirms the design the file is saved in the desirable format.

Transferring the file:

After the design is ready, the file is transferred to a 3D printer for the building. One must see to it that while the transfer is done the formats do not change as if something like that happens, it might change the entire design of the print model. One must also see to it that the printer is virus free. Before finally printing the model, the design is confirmed with the client finally.

Printing the prototype

In the last step of this process, the 3D printer reads the files and gathers the required materials by adding the layers of these materials successively. Thereafter the desired 3D model is printed according to the size, shape and colour desired by the client.

The above mentioned is the simple 3 step process involved when it comes to printing any types of scale models. But before you strike a deal with such a company you must check if the company has all state-of-the-art printing facilities as well as tools. Experience is also very important when it comes to zeroing on a company as such. Make sure you choose the right company. All the best!

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