5 Plastic 3D Printed Models That Will Awe You!

There is an explosion of 3d printing everywhere. The innovators are implying their intellects to print 3D models that are changing the lives of people forever! 3D printers of today are inspiring creativity amongst the artists and as a result, some ground-breaking designs are being obtained.

When it comes to 3D printing, plastic is the most popular choice of materials. However, there are printers that print other materials too. Here are some of the 5 plastic 3D printed models that will put you in awe:

3D Foetus

A beautiful gift for pregnant mothers! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a 3D print of your foetus or your unborn child? Everytime you think of your child in the womb, you do not need to watch the black ultrasound movies and try to figure out where your child is. Get ‘Shape of an Angel’, a 3D print of your own foetus from a Japanese company at $1275.

Google Glass

Oh yes! Google Glass was the most talked about equipment during this year. A businessman from China named Sunny Gao made his mark by printing a functional pair of Google Glass and launched it during the Hackathon event that was organized in Shanghai. Although the plastic model of Google Glass didn’t have the wi-fi or bluetooth functions, the version looked just a whisker different from the original one. The best part was that, the model was available in various colours.


Nylon bicycle

Nylon plastic is used a lot among designers when it comes to printing different ideas. European Aerospace and Defence Group printed a nylon bicycle which was much lighter in weight as compared to the bicycles that you find in the market these days. During its making, nylon powder is used and the process of additive layer manufacturing is implied. Also known as ‘Airbike’, the model had a strong frame and was very light to handle. Ready to ride?

Kaleidoscope Clock

Time and tide wait for none they say! But this time 3D printing has challenged the clocks showing time by printing them in 3D. A kaleidoscope plastic 3D clock was printed and made into two parts. The first part has numbers and the other one has the design. All you have to do is read some instructions and assemble both the parts of the clock together to make it display the time smoothly. Isn’t that easy? You can buy it just for 51$!

3D Printed Bugdroids

Now this is a treat for Android lovers! Also known as Bugroids, these prototypes can be put on the tables or desks of android fans. The 3D printed Bugroids can be customized according to the personality of the person.  Available in different colours and 25 designs, these are a perfect eye-candies. If you do not find anyone that suits your personality, you can choose to get it customized at $29.99!

The above mentioned models are sure to make you think twice about where the 3D printing technology is heading to! Did you buy one of the above mentioned plastic prototypes for yourself? Click here to see other scale Model Related Blogs.

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