Some 3D Modeling Tools 3D Printing Technology is Blessed With!

To print a product in 3D, a perfect tool is required. Using the best 3D modeling tools for 3-dimensional printing delivers desired results. The customization options in the applications give you a chance to design the model in a perfect way. There are various tools by which one can create a 3D model without any hassles. Here are few of them:



3DCrafter is considered the best 3D modeling tool by the professionals. The drag and drop option will surely save your time when you build a 3D model. It supports real-time 3D modeling and the animation tool works perfect with drag and drop feature. No matter how complex the model is, by using 3DCrafter’s shape building tools, it is possible to create every shape you want to. You can also create animated scene and you can record it for further model enhancements.

3DCrafter Tools


SkecthUp 3D modeling tool is used to create amazing 3D architectures by 3D printing experts in Miami. Right from drawing the basic layout to stretching the designed surfaces, SketchUp will give amazing results. By using this tool, one can rotate, stretch, copy and paint any architecture. The LayOut feature in the software will turn the models into drawings and that too with a layout. Isn’t it amazing? The visual effects in the tool will let you compare different models simultaneously rather than viewing one by one.



3DTin is a online tool that allows you to create the best 3D models. If you are looking for a easy to use and basic version of tool for 3D printing, 3DTin is the best option. Various design options and ready made models in the tool will give you outputs pretty quickly. You can access the tool anywhere online and can store the data in the cloud. This particular feature is not available in other tools.


There are many other 3D modeling tools such as Softimage Mod Tool, TrueSpace, Blender, 3D Canvas etc that are used for printing 3D models. But if you are looking forward to printing something big, it is recommended to hire 3D printing services. Hire them now!