Top 5 3D Modelling Applications That Are Trending Now!!

Like everyone knows 3 dimensions refers to the construction on three planes (X,Y and Z). 3D modelling, 3D animation and 3D rendering are parts of 3D graphics. 3D graphics and its applications are very common in adverts, movies and product design as well. A model can be created by an engineer with the help of modelling tools. Below mentioned are few modelling apps that one can use to generate realistic models.

3D Models, 3D Modelling


An application that is free and open sourced and helps in animation as well along with 3D modelling. Some of the other uses of this application include, UV unwrapping, water stimulation, non linear editing and interactive 3D application that is user friendly. This application is very efficient and worth giving it a try.


Art of illusion

Again like other applications art of illusion doesn’t cost a penny. This open sourced application has other features too which includes, skeleton based animation, graphical language for designers that help is modelling and product textures and materials. If you are a creative artist and looking for something user friendly, then this application is for you.



One of the best application that gives its user the freedom which is not available in other applications. The main feature of this application is the use of Plug-in based procedural engine. Patches, curves and animation is you basic focus? Then this is the application you should use.



This application is more focused on modellers who love to design for games. Like other applications, Zmodeler is capable of doing complex modelling even though it is not capable of using modelling functions like extruding.



Users of this application can create 2-manifold meshes on an independent platform. Like others this application is also free and uses open source for its functioning. Now you can also create solid model fit for prototyping.


If you are not qualified to do the 3D modelling, hire a professional to do this job for you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing :-). I think I will use Blender for my upcoming 3D project at university, the fact it’s open-source and that it can be used for modelling and animation seems terrific.

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