3D Printers in Classrooms: Inspiring Students to Be More Creative!

The utility of 3D printers shouldn’t be limited to printing manufacturers. As the output from these printers enable the students to explore objects that are not readily available, the educational organizations and schools must have them.

Whether it is about learning about animals or making an extensive report on anatomy, the 3D printing of objects can open up numerous possibilities for the children to learn new things. Let us know how do they inspire students and make them more creative:

3D printing eradicates fear

Students like to experiment with things and implement new ideas. However, they are afraid to express sometimes thinking that they might fail. Introducing them to 3D printers and printing technology eradicates their fear and instils confidence in them to design or portray everything that comes into their mind.

Although additive manufacturing has been there for more than 2 decades, the technology hasn’t been adapted by the educators of leading institutions. The authorities must know that they take the learning to a whole new level.

3D printing eradicates fear
3D printing eradicates fear

Failures, a part of life

Inculcating 3D printing in education is very important as it stands out as compared to other learning methods. By experimenting with different ideas and failing, the psychology of the students becomes more acceptable and they realize that failures are a part of life .

Surveys on educational projects

NMC Horizon published a survey which revealed that 3D printing will influence education in the most powerful way. With the widely accepted concept of ‘internet of things’, children will have the most robust ideas and tools to solve their problems.

We often stop children from touching fragile objects leaving them curious to learn and know more. Through 3D printing and rapid prototyping, each one of them will be able to touch, hold and make take away prototypes for keepsake.

3D printers of today are the best tools for the children to work on their weaknesses. More and more seminars, workshops and makerspace meetings are being encouraged to give wings to their imaginations. Is your child ready to print objects in 3D?

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