3D Printing of Stainless Steel Can Give Various Finishes With Excellence!

Ever since the word 3D Printing has come into existence, we have seen wonders! Right from printing a small key chain to body organs, all speaks about the technology. Wide range of materials are used in the overall process of printing. Metals, plastic, photopolymers, wax etc are used to print different products. 3D printing by using Stainless steel is another material which is known for different finishes. Have a look at them:


Non reflecting finish

If you want a high level details of a particular product, non reflecting finish is the best one to get amongst all. The inner and outer surfaces of the product will be non reflecting which will give you a chance to examine the product in detail. There are few 3D printing companies in Miami that print such finished products for their clients.


A satin finish

This type of finish might give a shiny look to the inner and outer surface of the product but might not give you the expected detail after the finish. If you are just looking for a product that shines and doesn’t require any kind of detail, a satin finish is the one you should pick right now! A manufacturer of 3D printing that supplies such products can give you a better insights of the final product.


A glossy finish

A glossy finish will give the product a lustrous look at the end of printing process. Although the detail of the product will not be of the highest level, you will definitely like the glossy finish. 3D printing stainless steel might be the toughest task without a exact process and technique.


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