3D Printing Revolution: Are You Game for It?

Speaking about industrial revolution, 3D printing is the one which is turning out to be the favourite amongst all. It is printing possibly everything under the sun and whatever is left under the moon! People are simply loving the 3d printed prototypes of everything.

To be precise, it is blurring the lines between consumers and manufacturers by giving the power to each one to print their own stuff. However, there are pros and cons to the 3D printing technology. Let me shed some light on it:

What do critics say?

Some people do not like the idea of 3D printing. According to some manufacturers, 3D printing doesn’t have the potential to democratize manufacturing. Moreover, the 3D printers available in the market are too expensive making it unaffordable for everyone to own. Even if they do own them, they are difficult to operate. And not all produce products of good quality. Hence, when it comes to 3D printing, one should approach a professional firms having state of the art printers and good quality printing materials.

No barrier to key patents

According to some reliable resources, Selective Laser Sintering, which produces great quality 3D products might expire in the year 2014. And when there is no barrier to producing key patents, people might start owning 3D printers and print possibly anything. So wouldn’t that drop the prices of expensive things? What do you think?

Quality conquers

So what if people start owning printers? Do you think it will change the economy? According to Tech Crunch, when the supply increases, the prices go down but so does the quality. And not everyone will be able to produce high-quality prototypes. There are rumours that even ‘Apple’ is about to plunge into the 3D printing industry.

So in future, anyone might be able to print anything right from guns to fashion brands and prosthetics to robotics! Are you game for it? Think about it!

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