3D Printed Eyeballs Will Record Everything You See through Wi-Fi Gland by 2027!

Have you ever thought of recording what you see from your eye? It might not be possible to do so until and unless you have a smartglass or a camera fixed on your eye. And, of course, if you can insert a camera in your eye lens, it might be a chance for it. But that’s next to impossible!


The evolution of present technology can get you everything at your fingertips if you use it in a right way. Nothing is impossible to do in today’s world. A firm in Italy, MHOX, is developing an ‘EYE’ (Enhance Your Eye) by using 3D printing technology and the firm say that they will 3D print the eyeballs by 2027. It is not just a normal eye, but it’s more than something which you expect to see and capture everything from an eye. The firm was inspired by the statement given by Will.i.am in which he said,  “Eventually 3D printing will print people.” With this, the researchers at MHOX decided to develop an ‘EYE’.


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Three Products of MHOX’s EYE

The firm is planning to launch three EYE products by the end of 2027. At present, they are building the prototypes for the same and have succeeded up to a good extent. Three products of MHOX’s EYE are:


  1. EYE Heal
  2. EYE Enhance
  3. EYE Advance


Now let’s see what’s special in all the three products that make them different from the natural eye of a person.


EYE Heal

The EYE Heal can be replaced with the natural eye to give the person a better vision than the normal eye. The bio-printed EYE model will surely give better results. This is going to be a real boon for those who are suffering from eye diseases and looking forward to get rid of them.


EYE Enhance

The name itself indicates that it enhances the patient’s eyesight. EYE Enhance will include hyper-retina which would most probably sharpen the vision. This bio-printed model will be connected to a separate gland that filters the visual signals and gives a clear picture of what you see. The visual filters will be enhanced when this model of EYE is used.


EYE Advance

All the things used in the EYE Advance would be the same which will be used in EYE Enhance. The only and the most interesting difference in this model is it will be having a gland named as ‘Wi-Fi Gland’. This gland will give a chance to record everything that you see from your ‘EYE Advance‘ by connecting it with various devices with the help of Wi-Fi. Just connect the EYE to your device through Wi-Fi and start capturing the images and videos in it.


To install anyone of the EYE models, the patients needs to undergo a surgical operation to install the Deck which connects the eye to the brain. Anyway, some other surgeries might also be required to make the 3D printed eye work perfectly. If you ever wish to have such eye that can capture images and videos through Wi-Fi gland in your body, you have to wait till 2027. Till then keep reading the latest 3D printing news!

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