3D Printed Selfie Now Available through 1Click3DPrint!

Selfie lovers are in abundance. They love to click themselves and others and capture wonderful memories. But what if you could hold such a memory in your hand? Wouldn’t it be amazing?! 3D printing technology enables you to do that. 1Click3DPrint is a firm based in Miami, Florida which is giving a golden opportunity to its clients to print their 3D miniature and that too for free!


The Grand Opening

On 17th of October 1Click3DPrint has invited the citizens of Miami, Florida to get their selfies printed. It has announced that it will print the 3D selfies of the first 10 guests for free. The event starts at 6 pm and several people in the surrounding areas are expected to attend the event. If you want your 3D miniature to be printed, you too can attend the event.


Click a selfie with your 3D selfie

Oh yes! Once you get the 3D selfie printed, you can click a selfie with your 3D selfie, flaunt it in front of your friends and adorn your living room with the miniature of it. Wouldn’t it be fun? 1Click3dprint has state of the art printers and scanners that will provide you with a replica of yourself in no time.


3D printing is conquering hearts and minds. If you want your prototype to be printed, get in touch with the firm now! Click here to Visit : 1click3dprint Blogs.

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