3D Printers Go Green by Recycling Plastic Materials for Printing!

3D printing has left no stone upturned in today’s world. You can print everything you can imagine by this technology. But have you ever thought the amount of waste leftover after printing? What should be done with the wasted plastic materials?

The experts have developed 3D printers that use the waste material leftover during printing. This will make the printing eco-friendly. Now let us see few aspects that are discussed by the experts in Miami to develop green printers:

Sustainable 3D printers:

You might be well aware of the latest trend in 3D printing which is using ABS filament. It is pretty cheap and affordable to use for any 3D printer. Besides the final output, the plastic which is left over after the printing is not used anywhere.To eliminate and recycle the plastic, the experts are planning to get the sustainable printers that can use the waste plastic material to print a brand new product. Are you thinking the same? If not, stop the way you are using the technology and move to different methods for ecofriendly printing.

Printing with Bio plastic Materials:

“If the plastic will be wasted at this rapid speed, after 5 years there will be a shortage of plastic” says the expert. And now they are thinking to invent 3D printers that are capable to print the plastic products by using bio plastic materials instead of new plastic materials. This will surely make some changes in the printing technology. Besides the experts in Florida discussing about this, it is equally important for you adapt such methods to stop the wastage of plastic.

Solar 3D printers:

Now this is different from using plastic or printing the plastic material. The solar powered 3D printer is used to print 3D glass by using sand and sun. Since, this is the most effective, easy and eco-friendly method of manufacturing 3D glass, it is important for you to opt this technology for greener tomorrow. Well, this is the best thing you can do to print 3D glass without any other resources. This technology of solar based 3D printer is pretty handy to save the environment and use the natural resources to manufacture the product.

These are few aspects which should be considered for greener tomorrow. And this is possible only if you come forward by a thought to use natural resources, used plastic instead of using new plastic every time you print a new model. Think twice before you waste the plastic!

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