3D Printing Proves to Be A Boon for a Newborn with Cloverleaf Skull Syndrome!

3D printing will never stop being dynamic in terms of innovation. And as we all know, the technology is being used to create several 3D printed models to save lives in the hospitals. Different types of surgeries taken place and become successful due to the implementation 3D printing technology.


The doctors based at a hospital in Brazil undertook a unique surgery by using a 3D printed skull. It was noticed that the baby had an abnormal skull or cloverleaf skull syndrome. Out of every 2000 born babies, one is found to be suffering from this syndrome.

3D printed skull

A Life Saving Surgery

An abnormal skull could be replaced just because the 3D printing technology came to the rescue. Doctors used the three-dimensional model of a skull for the surgery of the new born baby. The software used to create a replica of the skull was Invesalius. Surgery was successfully accomplished and the child is hale and hearty. Post-surgery, a tomography was taken by doctors also showed the increasing brain parenchymal too.


Dr. Silva Speaks on 3D Printing

The chief of Tridimensional Technologies Division, Dr. Jorge Vincente Lopes de Silva, was leading the surgery team. He spoke with one of the leading forums and said that, “The birth of a baby is always associated with joy, but when plans fall through, there remains a sense of helplessness and dismay.” He further added that, “The 3D printed models make it easy to understand the complex surgery process.”

With this successful surgery in Brazil, the surgeons can now depend on 3D printing techniques. It will be interesting to see that, up to what extent the technology will be explored. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section given below.

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