3D Printing: Revolutionizing the Gorging Experience of Foodies!

Those days are not far when 3D printed food will be a part of your plate. And it will actually be a blissful experience for all of those who dread the cooking experience. Right from scrumptious pizzas to delicious chocolates, printed food will not just tickle your taste buds, but also provide with the needed nutrition.


3D printing enthusiasts from all over the world are constantly making efforts to employ 3d printers for printing food. As of now, some successful attempts have been made to print sugary desserts and chocolates. However, the research is still on to revolutionize the way we eat. So here’s how the 3D printers are about to change the way we feed ourselves:

Cack 3d printing

Edible wedding cake accessories

Imagine your wedding cake being topped by artistic, edible printed toppers! That would definitely add a charm to your wedding celebration. And what’s more is, instead of plastic bride and groom being installed on the top of your cake, the 3d printed replicas of bride and groom could be used. Isn’t that a fantastic idea? Anticipate themed wedding cakes personalized according to your choice!


Biting experience redefined

Great news for senior citizens and toothless babies! 3D printing will now replace purees and semi-solid food with attractive looking, soft vegetables. Researchers from Netherlands are putting efforts to mash up the most nutritious vegetables and print them in a way that they look more appealing to the old and infant age groups. Binded into a good shape by an edible gel, it will make the biting experience effortless for those who can’t chew.


Nutrition according to your needs

One can’t imagine the way 3d printing will experiment with colour, flavor and taste for the coming years. However, nutritional needs will also be catered to by giving the needed proportion of vitamin and drug content. So suppose if you are a sportsperson or someone who is suffering due to lack of vitamins, you might be able to print food customized to your body’s requirements. Health conscious? No problem, 3d printer will cut down the fat content in your food! Food for thought huh?!


Cocktails, spices, starch, proteins and more is expected to be printed by the 3D printing microwaves in the future. Food lovers are going to have the best time of their lives. Ready to dine?

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