3D Printing Since 1980’s

Right from 1980’s, 3D printing had been a revolutionary change till date. Stereolithography was a unique technique of 3D prototyping invented by Chuck Hull. This technique uses ultraviolet sensitive photopolymer with a UV laser focused on its vat to print objects layer by layer as per CAD instructions. That was just the beginning of 3D technology!

Starting from a small plastic gun to jumbo sized machines everything can be printed in 3D. But have you missed out that the facts you shouldn’t? Have a look at the few incredible facts about quick 3D printing given below:

3D printing in movies:

Do you know that the special 3D effects and the graphics that you see in the movies are a part of 3D printing technology? You can see the 3D effects in the movies like The Muppets, Terminator Salvation, The Avengers etc. The props used in the movies can take sometime to develop them into a perfect shape. The masks used during the shoot of a movie can reduce the overall production costs.

movies 3D Printing
Movies 3D Printing

Printing human organs:

We have already seen wonders with the services provided by 3D printing firms, from creating a 3D shoe, jewellery, dress, to an apartment. The future of this technology is all set to print the human organs in future. If this would be achieved there will be no limit of using 3D printing then after. The scientists are working on this project and you never know, you may see human organs at the earliest!

Human Organs 3D Printing
Human Organs 3D Printing

3D printing in space:

The research team of NASA is now planning to use this technology to send robots into space to construct an infrastructure and buildings on lunar surfaces. Previously the astronauts were sent into space, but now the robots developed from cost effective 3D printing technology will complete these tasks effectively. Still the research is on and the results will be unveiled soon.

space 3D Printing
Space 3D Printing

The above-mentioned are some of the most astonishing facts about this technology. Can you imagine that the technology can be used to print human organs and send robots to space? Mind blowing! Isn’t it?

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