3D Printing’s Contribution in the Making of Architectural Marvels!

Those days are not far when the word ‘art’ and ‘3D Printing’ will become synonymous with each other. Speaking of art, how can architecture be left behind? We have spectacled a whopping growth in the field of architecture through 3D printing. The technology is being used to create several complex architectures and infrastructures.
As engineers and architects can craft several structures and models on their desktop and print them out, it has made the architectural industry swift and inexpensive. Let us see how several architectural marvels have been created through three-dimensional printing so far:


A 3D Printed House

A Dutch architectural firm had crafted a design for a 5 million euro landscape House. Now this came with a price, for sure! Though this model was one-of-a-kind, it has opened up doors for several architects who would want to make a 3D printed house in future. The team that built it also claimed that it was an environmental friendly way of designing the cities of future. Now that’s phenomenal! Isn’t it?

3d printed house 1click3dprint

Landscape House

During the making of this house, it was initially decided that all the parts of the house will be made using the 3d printer named D-Shape. This printer was a brainchild of an Italian designer and it created 3D prototypes through granular binding. It started with the making of a 10 feet high pavilion and progressed with the making thereafter. Although the designer of the landscape house revealed in one of the interviews that they are willing to 3D print the entire house in one piece rather than printing it in parts, no further information was made available on the same.


3D printed house parts in China

In a firm based in China, buildings with components were printed by using a 3D printer. It turns out that the 3D printer can print the building components in a very short span of time. The printer uses a technology which is quite similar to fused filament fabrication utilized by several hobbyist 3D printers. The materials used for printing these components are a combination of cement as well as construction waste.  combination of cement and construction waste.


With contour crafting, wall printing and several such architectural marvels in the making, 3D printing is radically changing the methods of construction. After all, we want our houses to be beautiful, inexpensive and safe to live in. Don’t we?

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