A 3D Printed Crane Developed by Australian Students Can Lift 5 Kgs of Weight!

We have seen a lot of 3D printing happening in automobile, fashion, medical and commercial domains. The 3D printing of cars, jet engine by Rolls-Royce, Apple Watch Band, knee tissues etc were some unbelievable outputs of this technology.  And when it comes to manufacturing or developing some equipments it gets even better. An example for that was given by the engineering students in Australia who developed a crane by using a 3D printer.


A 3D Printed Crane Can Lift up to 5kgs

The project of 3D printing the crane started way back in 2012 and it was done in just a few months. Samuel Ashfort has now shared the project with the world after a couple of years. The crane is capable to lift up to 5kgs and it was proved by Samuel in the past. You can watch the below given video showcasing how the crane works and how it lifted the weight of 5kgs quite easily:



Crane is Durable

Even after developing it 2 years back, the latest video shows that it still works fine to lift the weight at 3m height. That clearly shows that the 3D printed products are durable and the printing material used in the overall process was ABS plastic. “It was quite hard to start because we took almost 15 designs and made iterations to get it finalized. We decided that the crane would have 189 parts in it,” said the Australian engineering student Samuel.


One more interesting fact about this crane is that it is 3D printed in a printer which was built by Samuel himself. Want to know more about such facts of 3d printing? Get them all right here!

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