A Peek into The 21st Century 3D Plastic Modeling Technology!

There’s some news for the people who have been sceptical about the whole 3D printing issue. A study conducted¬† at the University of Nottingham UK, has proved that more than 5.5 million patients have been rendered with printed body parts through3d plastic modeling. How has it been implemented. What else has the technology contributed? Let’s take a peek into it:

Creating body prototype

Human beings are not vulnerable anymore without a body part. The researchers from University of Nottingham have made it possible to print plastic and craft personalized prosthetic arms as well as medicines that are just right for the patient they are used for. Not only that, even bladders and blood vessels have been created by the Liverpool universtity researchers. These innovations have created a huge stir in the market of plastic printing.

Body Prototype
Body Prototype

Sustainability redefined

When it comes to plastic prototype printing, the printers might take in a lot of electricity but they are definitely better than other machines. Filabot is one such system which recycles the plastic waste into filaments. Hence, you can also recycle the prototypes that you have printed wrongly. As soon as the printers start using eco-friendly materials like salt and clay, the option will get even more sustainable.

Feeding printed food

Printed food! Yeah. Those days aren’t far when you will be relishing printed food at restaurants and on your dining table. The renowned chocolate making company named Hershey has struck a deal with a 3D printing firm and a company from Germany named Biozoon Food Innovations is undertaking a project to make food items that melt in the mouth. You can now actually have fast printed fast food. Imagine!

Future of plastic printing

Right from plastic modeling of make ups to shoes, every demand of a consumer is being met with. The innovations are leaving the consumers awestruck through their working. However, when you want to enable plastic printing, it comes with a price.

Are you ready to pay the price?

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