Amazon Will Ship the Products Quickly by 3D Printing in Delivery Trucks!

How many times did you shop at Amazon? What’s your experience when it comes to their product delivery service? No matter what reviews you give but the giant is now inching towards enhancing its shipping process. We have seen before that Amazon used drones to deliver the products quickly and now it is stepping ahead of that idea by providing 3D printed products. Wondering how will they do it?


Amazon filed a patent for 3D printing the products in the delivery truck itself to transport the items quickly. In technical terms, you can call it ‘Mobile 3D Printing‘.


3D Printing in Trucks

According to the Amazon’s patent, that whenever a customer orders a product, the giant will send 3D manufacturing instructions to the printer in the truck. The printer follows the instructions given by the service provider and prints the product to deliver it at the earliest. If the patent of Amazon 3D printers in truck is implemented in today’s world, the E-commerce giant might double the sales. The fact that the customers will be getting products printed in 3D will give them quality products.


Amazon Speaks on Customer Satisfaction

Amazon Speaks on Customer Satisfaction

In the patent filed on 19th February, 2015, Amazon said that, “The time delays in receiving the order and not shipping the orders on time may reduce the customer satisfaction. It might also affect the overall revenue generated per quarter.”


Through the 3D printing technology, Amazon will soon erase the term ‘out of stock’ and will ship the products on the same day. There’s still a long way to go for the giant, but the customers are quite excited about Amazon 3D printers in delivery trucks.

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