Cancer Surgeries Done with Custom 3D Printing That Will Leave You Amazed!

3D printing is a real boon to present technology printing some unbelievable things in a short span. Right from the evolution of 3D technology in the early 90’s to the 21st century, it has created wonders. Medical technology is also one such field that has helped the doctors to complete many surgeries successfully. But when it comes to cancer, there are only few options available for doctors to heal it.


You will be amazed by the fact that few surgeries that were not possible to do in a normal way were completed by using 3D printing technology. Custom 3D printing made it possible that gave a chance to the doctors to use some organs developed by the manufacturers to heal the cancer. Some of the body parts that were printed are upper jaw, forming a new skull, spinal cage, hip etc. Besides these, there are few complex surgeries. Have a look at them:


Heel implant:

A titanium made heel was implanted in an old man’s heel when he was reported with cancer in his heel. It was not possible for the surgeons to find an alternative for removing the total heel due to cancer. By metal 3D printing which used titanium material saved him from cancer and also gave him a new life with a heel implant.


Vertebra with cancer replaced:

Vertebra which is the most important part of our body can be printed in 3D. Recently a 12 year boy, who had cancer in vertebra was the toughest for doctors to operate upon. With the help of custom 3D printing, vertebra was printed and was replaced with the cancerous one. Thanks to 3D printing technology, the surgery was successful.


Upper jaw surgery:

It is really hard to either speak or eat when you don’t have upper jaw in your mouth due to cancer. Dentists were helpless about the situation. They had no clue what to do next other than six weeks of radiotherapy. A 3D printing firm conducted a CT scan of the patient’s jaw and created a 3D printed upper jaw. The patient took some time to adjust but everything was fine after few weeks.


The above-mentioned surgeries were next to impossible if there was no 3D printing. After these surgeries, it seems that no surgery is impossible in the nearby future. Stay tuned for more from us

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