China Has Built the World’s Largest 3D Printer and Constructed a Five-storey Building!

The evolution of 3D printing over the past one year has changed the vision of every common person to print the things. Recently, you might have seen 3D printed selfies on our website, which is just an example that how the technology is enhancing. Printing tiny things is not a big deal for the experts. But now that people are expecting a lot from the current technology, they have to try something out of the box.


World’s Largest 3D Printer

Several people might have seen the videos of printing the buildings and stadiums. Didn’t you? Now, here comes the big thing! China has built a 3D printer which would be capable of printing houses and it has already printed one house. It is the world’s largest 3D printer till date. The materials used in the construction of houses through this technology are totally different and the prototypes can be designed by using various 3D modeling tools.


A 3D Printed Five-storey Building

Recently, a Chinese firm has build a five-storeyed building using the construction waste. How about that? The 3D printer used in the overall process was 150-meter long, 10-meter wide and had a height of 6-meters. All the experts out there are busy building the prototypes and designs to construct the houses using 3D printers and a firm has already done it with perfection. Amazing! It’s just out of anyone’s imagination.

A 3D Printed Five-storey Building


3D Printed Houses Are Eco-friendly

The material used to print the house is ‘ink’ which is a combination of cement, glass fiber, steel, special additives etc. One of the important materials used are the waste of the building. By using the construction waste, it is quite obvious that the experts are recycling it and making the environment eco-friendly. The present 3D printer can save up to 30% to 60% of the building materials.


The real estate will get many benefits from 3D printing services. Is this the future of real estate?

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