Disney Made Huggable Prototypes with the Help of 3D Printing On Fabric

Over the past few years there has been a lot of 3D printing, but mostly on hard and rigid surfaces. However, it is a big challenge to get the 3D printing done on something that is soft. Disney’s this new discovery insured that kids can now play with something that they are not scared of and would jab in their eyes. So the question still remains as to how it’s done?

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The process

Disney’s researchers did intensive research on the 3D printing on fabric but its not the same as how other printers work. The process is different where not the UV lighting or the melting material used, in fact laser cutters are used in this type of product making.


The machine is configured to create object layer wise cutting shape out of the adhesive felts. Heating keeps the layers bonded as it keeps cutting. These 3D puzzles are then stuck together like a bunch of sheets to make the required structure.


Other details about this discovery

When the process of layer cut and assembly, you remove extra bits resulting in ultimate structure. However, the only drawback with this discovery is that the structure is not stellar gets the structures durability into question. This however is one of the biggest discoveries of all time with some modifications something concrete is going to end up in your kid’s room.


Apart from that there are many other techniques that can be used to create 3D printing on fabrics. Application of printing on fabrics has even extended to fashion industry with many fashion designers diverting to 3D printing to gather more publicity and business.


3D technology has gone a further level, if you are looking to get something similar done then its is best to hire a professional.

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