Don’t Be Surprised if You Get 3D Prints of These Things in 2014!

The first printer was invented in 1983 but since then the printing technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Then a fiction, everything is turning into a reality through 3D printing technology. This technology is giving wings to several domains right from art to science.

Although this technology is a bit slow compared to the conventional manufacturing, it might print unbelievable things and objects in the year 2014! Have a glimpse at some of them:


So you think selfies are limited to Instagram? You might be wrong here as various companies are making use of 3D printing to manufacture figures of normal human beings rather than superheroes and celebrities. Oh yes. So don’t be surprised if you find your printed selfie right from wedding cakes to purses!

A 3D Home

You might have heard of 3D printed houses before but what you might be surprised with is the way they are created. At places like California, there are printing machines that release layers and layers of concrete to make buildings and beautiful houses that you might love to live in.


Body parts for animals

So you thought printing in 3D was limited to human body parts? Well, you might have to rethink as the ducks and horses too, are getting 3D printed arms and legs for themselves. There are examples wherein if the ducks have indulged into aggressive fights and have lost their limbs, they have got their 3D printed body replacement. Surprising, isn’t it?


3D printed crime scene

Quite obviously, buying printed crime scenes might not be legal for you! But this technology might prove to be a real boon for the legal departments, police and crime busters. Some of the police stations based in Mexico have bought 3D scanners that recreate the crime scenes and their graphical representation so that they can get a better idea about the crime and the criminals. Can it get weirder?


Printed Soil

Imagine walking through printed soil structures! Oh yes. 3D printed models of soil are being created by the scientists so that they can draw analysis to the way micro-organisms thrive and interact in soil environment. Plastic printed soil can be created and the bacteria and fungi is introduced the soil for knowing how they move through it. Gives you creeps?


Inflatable 3d flowers

How about gifting inflatable 3D flowers to your beloved on the valentine’s day of 2014? While making these flowers, air is being forced into the cavities of the print so that the most complex flowers can be printed. And it is not just about flowers! Printing the most cumbersome and difficult designs forms too is possible due to 3D printing technology.


So in case you have an encounter with any of the above 3D parts this year, don’t be surprised! You too, can get your prototypes printed at ease through any of the 3D printing companies.

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