Facial Masks Made Out of 3D Printing to Help Patients Suffering from Facial Cancer!

Health care domain is blessing people with amazing inventions and diagnosis tool. The 3D printing technology too, is inventing wonders for the patients who suffer throughout their lives and bring them a ray of hope. Recently, the researchers from University of Miami have come up with a process of making facial prostheses in few hours by using topographical scanning as well as 3D printed technology.

Making of 3d printed masks

As a part of it, the patients suffering from cancer go through the scanning of the undamaged portion of their face. Once the scanning is done, a software attached to the device makes a mirror image of that portion. By scanning the side of the face through orbital defect, the software meshes the two scans so that a 3D image of patient’s face can be created. Thereafter, the information is sent to a 3d printer that transforms the data to a mask which is made out of injection molded rubber that is stuffed with skin coloured pigments. What is more surprising is, that the mask is made to match the skin tone of the patient!

3d printed masks Facial Cancer
3d printed masks Facial Cancer Source : http://www.dailytech.com/UK+Man+Receives+New+3D+Printed+Face/article30348.htm

Better than conventional prostheses

If you choose to go for a conventional facial prostheses, it can cost you around  $10,000 to $15,000 and take several weeks to be made. Moreover, it is a prolonged process undertaken by an artisan that makes a mold of the face and  gives finishing touches to it through skin color and eyelashes. The family of the patients have to experience a huge hole in their pockets when they get this service as the health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of it.

Carving a better future for facial prostheses

This 3D printing technology developed by the researchers at Miami have led to an affordable way of offering  facial prostheses for eye cancer patients by utilizing facial scanning software according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Now, the patients having hollow sockets after an eye surgery will be able to have the most convenient and affordable prosthetics for themselves.

The research team of Miami that worked behind the making of this 3D printing technology, has truly blessed the patients with affordable prosthetics. Long live 3D printing!

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