Flux-The Combined 3D Printer, Laser and Scanner for You!

The market from some time now needed a 3D printer that could give multiple utilities for its work. The inventors heard it and so, here is a new product called as the Flux. Flux, the 3D printer, laser engraver and also a scanner!

Flux was recently launched on Kick starter by the Taiwanese team. It aims to procure more than $100,000 out of crowd funding. The printer integrates FDM 3D printing technology with simple use and setup, user friendly structure and multiple features. Its design is its USP and is priced between $499 to $899.

Flux Printer
Flux Printer

The interchangeable modules will assist the end users to easily integrate them in the machine with other tools for a single 3D printer. People will now be able to copy or clone objects in 3D. A laser engraver with 200Mw laser head is one of the first interchangeable modules that come alongside the printer.

However, this flux 3D printing technology will be fully introduced in the market from July 2015 only. If damaged, the printer can be repaired soon. The other features include a bluetooth mobile device control, configuration software and a space saving structure design.

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