Go Bananas Over 3D Printing with the Help of a Banana!

By now, you must have heard the concept of 3D printing food. And 3d printers have been used for printing ice-cream, chocolates, pizza and many other flavoursome delights. Now, what if you were told that 3D printing was done using Bananas?

3d printing with bananas

It might sound too difficult to be true, but the founder of 3Digital Cooks, Luis Rodriguez Alcalde took up this challenge. As a part of one of his latest projects, he conducted a research and experimented printing out solid objects by using the pulp of Banana. He designed an extruder for 3D printers named Plyump.

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3d printing with bananas : Image Source : http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2013/12/26/3dxmemes-hutzler-hacking-left-handed-banana-slicer-3dthursday-3dprinting-3dscanning-3d/

Pulp shaping

Now it is quite obvious that one can’t print a pureed banana as it cannot have a shape of its own. To make that possible, Alcalde used potato starch to thicken the mixture. During his first attempt, the output turned out to be quite disfigured, lumpy and unpleasant. But after some trials and usage of smoother puree mixed with orange juice, he could obtain a better output.

If you take a look at the final output, you might not be really happy, but the idea of printing banana models is quite fascinating, isn’t it? Thickeners proved to be a great help in printing prototypes out of the banana.

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