Growing a Knee Tissue is Certainly the Best of All 3D Printing Models!

3D printing has made its mark in the medical field. By creating several organs that save lives, it has been a revolution of 2014. It’s not over yet! Organs are something which are bit easy to create and print. But what about the cells and tissues? They are too small to give them a perfect shape.


A research team has printed a knee tissue and it seems to be the best of all 3D printing models till date. The functionality of meniscus tissues that are present in your knee are is shock absorption. The team printed the tissue in very less time. Here are few reasons why they printed it pretty quickly:


Highly accurate system:

In order to grow the tissue, the team used highly accurate system to distribute the proteins. These proteins stimulate the growth of them. As there are not many surgeons who repair the meniscus tissues, 3D printing models are a good fortune for those who have damaged tissues in their knee.


Bio-compatible material:

To grow the cells in a tissue is the most difficult task to accomplish. Bio-compatible material makes it all easy to develop such tissue cells. By using this material, a scaffold is developed on which the cells are grown. When the tissue cells are grown, the scaffold is printed in 3D.


Biocompatible material, 3d printing material
Biocompatible Material

The overall process:

The first step taken to develop this small piece of tissue is conducting a MRI scan of a damaged knee and convert it into 3D image. The image is then processed to 3D bio-print a scaffold to get an exact shape of the tissue. Here the material used is polycaprolactone which is a polymer. Then the highly accurate system is used to complete the bioprinting process. The machine is capable of printing different material at various temperatures. If you are looking forward to print such amazing things, 3D printing in Miami can get you everything.

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