Know About The Different Types of Materials Used In 3D Printing!

Have you ever thought about printing the objects from plastic materials in a 3D print? With the latest technologies and printing machines it is now possible to print any object. Now you can get your design printed by using the relevant materials.Well, the products used to print the objects are very important  because the total quality of the product is dependent on the material itself. Have a look at some of these details:

Materials used in plastic printing:

Different types of materials are used by the companies printing3D objects. Types of plastics such as metal, frosted detail plastic, polythene etc are used to print the desired product. Modeling the plastic into the exact size, shape and color might be the toughest task for the humans, but the 3D technology makes it possible. Now let’s see the different materials of plastic used for three dimensional printing:

Metallic Plastic:

This material is filled with the thin Aluminum powder which gives a shiny look to the product. The  plastic used is much stronger than any material. Printing this metallic material is started with the mixture of Nylon plastic and aluminum powder. But before that a perfect prototype or design must be created to get a finished product.

Metallic Plastic
Metallic Plastic

Frosted Detail Plastic:

Frosted detail plastic is of UV cured acrylic polymer which gives you a finished product. Plastic printing with this material is very simple as it does not have a longer process. The product is printed by using the Multijet Modeling (MJM). Liquid plastic will be deposited on aluminum in the form of layers. Each layer is polymerized and it is build in a thermoplastic 3D model.

Frosted Plastic
Frosted Plastic

Elasto Plastic:

This material can be used to produce variety of products. Starting from a mobile cover to the jewelery, this material can be used to manufacture anything. The name itself indicates that the plastic is very flexible. When it is used for printing, the product comes with a grainy finish, with a rough touch and it is quite strong. Nylon powder is mostly used to create the different layers and print the plastic.

Elasto Plastic
Elasto Plastic

These are fewplastic materials that are used for effective 3D printing. 

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