Know All About 3D Printing with the Metal ‘Titanium’!

The domain of 3D printing is expanding quite rapidly. The 3d printers that cost more than $2500+ before few years are as cheap as video game consoles today. However, the affordable consumer printers cannot print all kinds of materials and are limited to printing plastics. If you have heard about Digital Metal Laser Sintering, you should also know that it is possible to get 3d prototypes out of metal.


3d printing Titanium is another such process being implemented by many manufacturers for the clients who need 3d prototyping. So here’s all what you would like to know about the material and the printing process.


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3d Printing Metal Titanium

Know the material

Titanium is a robust, rust-free and a low density material which renders a perfect usage especially for industries like aerospace. As it is a bit expensive and also involves a lot of waste of material, it is rarely used. However, excellent quality prototypes have been obtained by using this material.


The process

As a part of the printing process, a thick layer of titanium powder is layed down by the machine and a high-powered laser gives it a solid form at a later stage. However, no liquefaction takes place during the process. Thereafter, the process is repeated after each layer until the final object is obtained.


The costs

The cost of printing products from Titanium depends upon the volume and size of Titanium that is used. Say if it is a A 2 x 2 x 4-cm part, having one cubic centimeter of Titanium, it can cost you around $125. So whenever you are planning to go for 3d prototyping, make sure you know the amount of material you want to print and analyze the costs accordingly.


The pros

The best part about Titanium 3D printing is the virtually unfettered design. During the printing of the objects, one doesn’t have to have special tools or molds for designing. Moreover, new designs are not affected by the old techniques. It is possible to geometrically optimize the parts when there is a need to make customized parts.


The cons

There are some limitations to 3d printing Titanium. When there are designs having narrow channels or holes, the extra material can accumulate into it during the production and it becomes difficult to remove the debris. It is also difficult to get rid of the supports that the prototype is given when it is manufactured.


People prefer to go for 3d printing with Titanium because the metal is strong, light as well as bio-compatible. CAD files can also be created using it. If you are looking forward to 3d prototyping one of your prototypes, consider choosing Titanium. It’s a good option. Have a happy 3d creation!

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