Liquid 3D Printing Technology Prints the Objects at a Blink of an Eye!

We have seen 3D printing of cookies, chocolates, body parts and even knee tissues. All of them were printed in layers But the new technology from Carbon3D has changed the way you print the objects in 3D. A firm in US has recently launched a video showcasing how it is possible to 3D print an object by using liquid. Have a glimpse at the video:



Fastest 3D Printing Ever

The 3D printing video given above speaks all about the liquid 3D printing technology. The experts believe that this process is 25 to 100 times faster than the normal procedure of printing a product in three-dimensional. The overall process depends on the usage of the liquid material and oxygen to give the fastest 3D printing experience ever!


Liquid 3D Printing of Eiffel Tower

3DpinrterOS, a firm which delivers an operating system to connect your 3D printers on cloud through your browser, took a challenge of 3D printing the Eiffel Tower by with the concept of Carbon3D’s technology. You can see the video and know how the experts made it possible.



Ideas are to implement and this is what today’s 3D printing is known for. It doesn’t matter what your idea is, the experts will make it possible to print everything you want to. If you want to print a unique object, get in touch with us right away!

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