Nude Figures of Jenny Scordamagalia from Miami TV Were Scanned and Printed in 3D!

Miami, the state-of-art known for its open-minded culture recently saw the Miami TV star Jenny Scordamagalia’s nude figures printed in 3D. Miami TV in collaboration with 1Click3dprint conducted a photoshoot in which the TV star was asked to give several poses for creating the nude 3D printed figures of her. Once she was scanned completely, the rest was up to the 3D printer used in the overall process which was 3D Systems’s 4500.


Nude 3D Printed Figures on Sale

1Click3dprint will soon release the nude 3D printed figures to the public. And there’s no doubt that the Jenny Scordamagalia’s fans will be eager to buy them. The TV star has already created a huge buzz in the local Miami TV channel by her shows and live chatting options. If you are one of the fans of her, you can fancy your chances to the 3D printed nude figures of Jenny Scordamagalia.


Jenny Scordamagalia

Here’s What Jenny Said

“I was quite excited about the event. It was nothing like a photoshoot,” she said to 3Dprint. She further added that, “It was quite difficult to stand stable for some time on a spinning surface. But I wanted to be creative and I gave my best by extending by arms as a sign of sheer joy. I was quite happy after the event to see my statues which were beautiful more than my anticipation.”


The overall concept of printing such statues was to give the Miami people what they actually wanted from Jenny. If you too want the nude statues of Jenny, you can buy it when the sale starts. Till then stay tuned to the latest 3D printing news here!

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