Printing Contact Lens with LEDs in 3D Now a Possibility!

With the help of 3D printing, many have created wonders by designing some awe-inspiring 3D models. How about if you were said that you can design a prototype for contact lens that has tiny LEDs in it?


Recently, some researchers have proved that it is now a possibility to print the contact lens with LEDs that emits two colors. However, these lens need charging so they can’t be used as a normal lens. It was an attempt from a team to create 3D printing models and see what else they can do with this technology.


Diverse materials used:

To print the contact lens with a LED was never going to be an easy task to any one in the world. But the 3D printing manufacturers used diverse materials to make it a success. The materials mixed in a proper proportion are to be heated at the right temperature. Because if they get overheated, it could destroy the whole product. Researchers said that a custom 3D printer design was developed give the contact lens a desired look.


Customization gives a perfect shape:

Multiple tools are available for customization of the design and prototype. Electronic devices can be pretty hard to customize but it is now a possibility with custom 3D printing to accomplish it. There are many ways in which you can customize such as by using different software, designs etc.


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