Printing Creatures in 3D Based on Real-time Tweet Algorithms Now a Possibility!

Social media is connecting people all over the world and it has been and will be a good resource for marketing purposes. Twitter is majorly driving millions of traffic using its hashtag (#) strategy since the day it was launched.


So is it possible to link the social media to 3D printing? Most of the people might give their answer as a big ‘NO’. Isn’t it? But a designer in UK has invented a new way to print different creatures using the real-time tweets and algorithms at Doris Le Bot event.

3d Twitter

About the Event

Doris Le Bot event was held on 27th January, 2015, which was commissioned by Bright Studio for Twitter France. Brendan Dawes, a designer in UK made it possible to create these real-time 3D printing products. These creatures are created by the algorithms and the details of user’s IDS, profile, statistics, number of favourites, followers, following etc. The process of creating different creatures was just limited to the one day event. But the designer hopes that it will be soon available or several events held all over the world.

Creatures in 3D

The real-time 3D printing has been trending for a while. We have seen many products printed in real-time. But printing in 3D from real-time algorithms sounds awesome! Based on the number of followers, impressions, tweets per year etc, the shape and size of the creature varied. The people present at the event could watch the creatures by tweeting @dorislebot. You can watch the video below to get more insights about the overall process of printing the 3D creatures in real time.


Variation in Creatures’ Colors

As the size of the creatures varies with the Twitter profile, the colors also vary. This is tracked by the number of years that the profile is been in use. Creatures had different eyes, shapes and colors printed at the event last month. This is a phenomenal concept in 3D printing till date!


We hope that it will soon be implemented for various purposes to know about one’s Twitter profile through creatures. If you are looking for some creative solutions for 3D printing your products, contact us today!

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