Rolls-Royce, All Set to Fly the Biggest 3D Printed Jet Part for the First Time!

Rolls-Royce, the most trusted brand for cars is all set to test the aero engine which is printed in 3D for the first time. There have been rumors since 2013 that the company will be manufacturing the engine for the jet by using 3D printing technology. The engine is named as Trent XWB-97.

3d printed jet parts

A Tough Competition to GE

GE (General Electric) which is known for its innovations in the automobile industry is now going to face a tough competition from Rolls-Royce for flying the jet with biggest ever turbine. GE has already tried this and has succeeded in the past. But the size of the aero space engine is bigger from Rolls-Royce. The most amazing fact is that the engine parts are printed in 3D. The 3D printing materials used in it will be reducing the material cost to construct a single jet turbine.


Manufacturing Time is Reduced by 30%

By using the 3D printing technology, Rolls-Royce suggests that the manufacturing time taken to produce one aero space engine will be reduced to 30%. It will also reduce the fuel emissions, making it the most fuel efficient engine for jets in the world. It is also estimated that by using such technologies, the carbon emission can be reduced to 75% by the year 2050 as compared to the carbon emissions in the year 2000.


Testing the Engine for the First Time

The giant has tried this engine on the ground and it is finally planning to run it on the jet plane very soon. The Trent XWB-97 engine when tested on the ground for the first time and if you check out the video you can give you a good view of it.


The date for testing the mega aero space engine is not yet revealed, but it will happen very soon according to Rolls-Royce team. Read more about 3D printing here

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