Scooty, A Printing Teleporter That Sends 3D Objects Anywhere in the World!

3D printing is astonishing us with every step through its inventions! Printing prototypes is not a big deal these days. Right from a small toy to a gigantic 5-storey building, everything can be printed in 3D. The experts all over the world are exploring more ways to print different products.


Recently, a new invention has come up for the sheer delight of 3D printing lovers! What if you could scan a physical object and send them to the receiver in 3D? Yes. That will be made possible now.


German Engineers Make a Miracle

German engineers have created a history by making it possible to scan and send the physical objects by 3D printing. ‘Scotty’ is a teleporter that uses three dimensional printing technology to print the objects. Even if you are miles away from your loved ones, you can surprise them by sending a 3D printed gift through Scotty. However, it is important for the sender as well as the receiver to own this machine to scan and receive the product respectively.


Now let’s see how this device works


Print & Send in One Go

The overall process, right from scanning to printing the product in 3D is quite simple. When you place an object in the Scotty, it digitizes an object first. Then the camera in the machine scans the objects layer by layer and the milling machine breaks the object into pieces. With this, the machine scans the each and every layer of the object, even the hallow part of the physical object.


The multi-layered digitized object will be now be transmitted to another Scotty machine via internet to print the product using different 3D printing materials. The machine takes care of all the printing process and reconstructs the object.


Scotty Is Quick

The overall time taken by the process is around 90 minutes. Isn’t it a lot? Well, if you can print the object just by scanning, the time taken is lesser as compared to building the prototype and then getting it printed. The receiver just has to open the window of the Scotty to receive the physical object. The Scotty is really quick and has proved that technology has no limits if you explore it in a right way!


The only drawback of this technology is that during the process of printing the prototype, it destroys the original piece. Hence, it is better to have a at least 2 or 3 models with you before you send it to the receiver. The researchers are working on it. Let’s see what happens!


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