The Apple Watch Bands Soon to be Made Available in 3D Printed Avatar!

The Apple Watch event which was held couple of days back showcased the stunning features of the most stylish watch. The giant decided to make the watch available from 10th April in USA. This was the first step of the Apple into designing an excellent wearable with hundreds of features similar to iPhone 6. The story doesn’t end here. There is lot to know what happened right after the event.


3D Printing of Apple Watch Bands

A renowned firm is on it’s way to 3D print Apple Watch Band and there is no doubt that it will be pricing lesser because of 3D printing and the production cost. However, right after the press event of Apple, the firm showcased few prototype designs of the band which clearly indicated that they are just a step away of producing tons of bands for the Apple Watch users.


Will be Made from Everlasting Material

The bands will be stylish as well as everlasting. The reason behind is that the 3D printing material used in the overall process is nylon. And the smartwatch bands will be printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines. The materials used by the manufacturer will give Apple Watch a unique look as shown in the below image:

3D Printed Watch by 1click3dprint

Future of 3D Printed Apple Watch Band

There are no questions about the role of 3D printing to boost the sales of Apple Watch in the nearby future, because we can already see the response from the Apple Watch lovers. It is expected that many 3D printing companies all over the world will look forward to work with the mobile industry giant to print the wearable band in 3D.


Overall, we can say that these 3d printed bands will be far better than the normal bands in terms of style and durability. If you want to print anything in 3D, you can share your ideas with us.

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  1. I’m very excited for the Apple Watch, but this post made me even more excited! I can’t wait to see how people are able to customize the product using 3d printing.

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