The Tiniest Drill Machine Printed in 3D at Surprisingly Low Cost!

The tiny things are really hard to manufacture with perfection. Some of them include the headphones, the magnets used for speakers in the phone and many more. When it comes to producing a small version of an equipment of similar design, it is next to impossible in most cases. But, 3D printing technology makes everything possible. Right from printing a small version of the crane to a 5-storey building, 3D printers are capable of manufacturing everything.


Recently,  Lance Abernethy from New Zealand printed the world’s smallest drill machine using an Ultimaker 3D printer.


It Was Just a Matter of 3 Hours

You wouldn’t believe, but the 3D printed drill machine was all set to drill the small objects in just 3 hours. Isn’t that really quick? Right from the designing using CAD and the final product all was done in this span of three hours. First the outer body of the drill was printed and then the motor used in it was printed via 3D printer. All it was assembled and the drill machine was actually working. Watch the below video to see the small drill machine:



Few Problems Faced

As soon as the man tried to connect the wires and the outer shells of the machine, the wires were breaking. “It was a nightmare to hold them in place and try to not short the battery,” said  Abernethy. This is where the time was consumed, but it was finally set to drill the small or thin surfaces. He further added that, “I am soon going to make it even smaller and the battery for the same is already printed.”


It will be very interesting to see that how small can the drill machine be printed by using 3D printer. From this, one thing is quite clear that nothing is impossible to print in 3D. If you have such amazing ideas, you can share with us and we will make your ideas turn into reality!

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