Undergraduate Students in China Designed Solar Vehicles by 3D Printing!

Sky is the limit for 3D printing technology and the experts exploring it. We have seen some amazing 3D model prototypes in the past and those were driven to print in 3D with various materials. One of the most interesting and innovative work in 3-dimensional technology was Scotty,  which can send 3D objects anywhere in the world. You might have also read about the 3D printed cars  and it has been in the news for a while. So what’s new this time? Well, it’s time to know about a solar powered vehicle printed in 3D. Yes, you heard that right!


The technology explored by the undergraduate students in China, developed an eco-friendly pair of solar powered vehicles. What’s more that you can expect from this technology? The engineers have used solar power to run the vehicle and 3D printing to get the final product.


Two Solar Powered Vehicles

3dprinted car

The two solar powered vehicles differ a lot in terms of design and power. One electric vehicle looks like a small monster car used in deserts and another one seems like a rocket which is typically designed for racing purposes. Anyway, at present the speed of the vehicles might not be that fast because it’s just 37 mph (60km/h) and the fact that they use solar energy.


Using Plastic to 3D Print the Vehicles

Keeping the design, weight and performance in mind,  the undergraduates have used plastic to make sure that the vehicles are of less weight and deliver the maximum speed. By using plastic for 3D printing the electric car, the size of the driver’s cabin was reduced and it was also made comfortable enough to give the driver a hassle free long journey.


A Three-wheeled Vehicle

The three-wheeled vehicle was developed by using the silicon solar cells. The rocket shaped vehicle is not enough to accelerate the top speed within seconds but it is good enough to take sharp turns due to its design. The design of this particular vehicle is amazing and when you look at it keenly, you will surely understand the kind of 3D prototypes used in designing it.


Overall, we can say that this development of solar powered cars through three-dimensional printing will surely change the way of manufacturing automobiles in the upcoming days. Anyway, this is not an end to 3D printing. There is still a lot to come in the future. Stay tuned for more updates…

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