What Does It Take to Accomplish 3D Model Printing In A Seamless Way?

It is indeed a fantastic feeling to hold a dream digital prototype in the palm of your hands! And nothing other than 3D printing makes it possible. However, when it comes to 3D model printing, certain steps are taken by the companies so that the process takes place in a smooth manner. These steps play a huge role in saving your time and money. So in case you are considering to opt for this technology, you must read this:

Undertaking perfect topology

When the complex prototypes are printed through a 3d printer, it can take hours and days together if the if the piece wasn’t originally created with 3D printing in mind.

Thus, the designers of the firm have to bite the bullet and gather different vertices and edges to form a connected mesh. Undertaking a perfect topology will make sure that the final product is seamless.

Hollowing the 3D model

The printing professionals first make a selection of all the faces on the surface of the model and squeeze out the faces along the surfaces. During the hollowing process they also make sure that there hasn’t been any overlap in the geometry of the design. Apart from that, they have to tackle the problems that come up during the process. But make sure that before this step is undertaken by the company to 3D print your design, the thickness has been specified to you.

Hollowing the 3D model
Hollowing the 3D model

Making an opening at the bottom

It is one of the most crucial steps. An opening is created at the bottom of the prototype so that the excess material can escape. But this should be done without messing with the topology of the mesh. Once the hole is opened, the gap between the inner and outer surface has to bridged. The experts at a good quality 3D printing store can enable this process quite easily for you.

Making an acceptable format of the file

This is the final and the most important step undertaken when it comes to 3D model printing. The designers must make sure that the model is an acceptable file format. When it comes to such type of printing, the usual formats like .ma, .max, .lw etc do not work. Hence the format should be in .OBJ or .STL format. Also note that the OBJ formats are quite versatile. So it is better if your vendor uses the same format for printing.

After these steps are undertaken at your 3D printing store, the mesh is made ready to print your prototype. Make sure that the company you strike a deal with undertakes the above steps. Happy printing!

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