You Will Now Be Able to Charge Your Gadgets with 3D Printed Solar Trees!

You might welcome a future when you will not have to depend just on normal power supply to charge your gadgets. Whilst the power supply interrupts, you may face several problems to charge the devices when needed the most. Anyway, these days you can find any solution for your problems through 3D printing. The scientists in Finland have developed a 3D prototype of the solar tree which will be capable of charging the smaller devices such as thermometers, light-bulbs, smartphones, gadgets, humidifiers etc.


3D Printed Solar Tree

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The leaves of the solar tree are made by using a unique printing technology which is not yet disclosed by the researchers at VTT, a technical research center in Finland. The energy-harvesting will create a simplified electronic system by the connected leaves in the tree. The system will feed the energy to the converter. And finally it would be used to power the smaller electronic devices and appliances. At present, the 3D prototype of a solar tree doesn’t indicate that it is capable of powering a house or a building.


Structure Developed Using FDM

FDM, which is also known as Fused Deposition Modeling, was used to develop the prototype. The leaves of the tree are supported by using this technique and a wood based material is used in this solar tree. The 3D printing materials used in to develop the leaves might not be eco-friendly but yes, the tree made of wood-based material is 100% safe to use.


The future scope of 3D printed solar tree is not yet clear. The researchers are working on the project to make it successful in the future. At present, this 3D prototype seems like a better option rather than depending on the regular power supply for charging the gadgets and other home appliances. We will have to wait until the project is completed successfully. Till then, keep yourself updated with our latest news on 3D printing!

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