A Unique 3D Printed Swimsuit to Resemble the Motion of Crashing Waves!

Ever-since the 3D printing technology has come into existence, it is conquering all possible domains. Fashion is not left out either. When it comes to fashion, the designers usually tend to make the best out of fabric. But what if you were told that unique 3D printed costumes are also being designed? Recently, a 3D printed swimsuit resembling the motion of crashing waves has been designed by Buenos Aires-based Universidad de Palermo Fashion and Textile Design student named Nadir Gordon.

3D Printed Swimsuit

A Mixed Marvel

Nadir’s idea was to make a swimsuit by using 3D printing and create a perfect blend of sculpture and fashion. The making of this one-off garment named ‘Waves’ has been inspired by the effect of gushing waves and it depicts the future of fashion in a perfect way. Taking a look at the costume, you would find that it is a bit sci-fi but still has an earthly feel.


Nadir Speaks

During one of her interviews given to popular magazine, Gordon said that “As soon as I got to know about the 3D printing technology, I got fascinated by it and decided to utilize it in order to craft attires and accessories in a unique manner.” She further added that she was inspired by designers like Iris Van Herpen and Francis Bitonti who have rendered with equipment to make shapes and volumes in 3D. “Otherwise, it is quite difficult to create something like this using traditional garments.” she said.


The Printing Of The Costume

A 3D artist named Jonathan Guerra helped Gordon with the designing of the swimsuit by using a 3D software. After the design was made, it was broken into around fourteen pieces and printed on Guerra’s Makerbot 2 printer. As PLA filament was not able to cope with the intricate forms of the costume, the parts of the costume were assembled by using a soldering iron.


The challenges

When the parts were being joint, they remained unstable and broke from the soldering area. Although the costume is not in the condition to be worn right now, it taught a great deal to Gordon as a student about what 3D printing is. She also got to learn how to use a wiser approach the next time she uses 3D printing.


Right from amateurs to professionals and artists to entrepreneurs, everyone seems to be making the most out of it. ‘Waves’ and its prototype has motivated several students from the fashion industry. Stay tuned to the blog section for more updates!

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