HP Plunges into The 3D Printing Market through Printers That Work 10 Times Faster!

HP, the printing giant recently launched its 3D printer in New York. According to the authorities, this range of 3D printers are much fast as compared to the conventional printers that are being used today. HP also unveiled a computer having projector, touchpad as well as a built-in scanner.

Building prototypes faster

These 3D printers have been launched with the motive of printing prototypes much faster. One of the authorities at the company said “Some of the printing companies are finding it difficult to print models. Our 3d printing will work very well for all the firms that use it.”

Initially, the printing of 3D products was quite slow and even if the model was expensive, the overall quality seemed to be mediocre. By launching this printer, HP has opened the door of opportunity for several printing firms.

HP Plunges
HP Plunges

How is it better?

The recently launched printers are not only faster but are available at comparatively cheaper rates. The senior vice president of Inkjet web and solutions said that “This printer will be less expensive as compared to the others.” It is different from the conventional printers as it hardens the complete layer at one go by using different chemical compounds.

The printers of today can print only one layer at a time by heating. But as this printer can print multiple layers at once, it is quite fast with its process.

2d out, 3D in

According to the analysts, HP had to plunge into the market of 3D printing to improve their finances. By doing so, they have avoided the stagnation that had come due to 2D printing. It is said that the 3D printing market will rise from $1.15 billion to 4.8 billion in 2018. The companies that are into 2d printing are seeing a downfall as even the kids are turning into a paperless and virtual technologies.

The 3D printing world has to wait for the multi-jet 3D printers that will be released in the year 2016. Until then, keep reading!

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