Selecting Your 3D Printing Material: What Should be Looked Into?

3D printing is involving the usage of numerous materials these days. Plastic, rubber, metals and even edible items are also being printed in 3D. And that too, with great finishing and attention to detail. The advanced printers can print chocolates and plastics including ABS, PLA, PEI as well as nylon. But the question here is, which material should be trusted when it comes to printing? Especially because, the product received should be strong and not break after sometime. Here’s what should you look into while choosing your material:


3D Printing Material, ABS, PLA, PEI

Amount of Ductileness

Although ductileness is quite important, it doesn’t  always  decide whether the  prototype will be strong or not. For eg, if one has to create a hammer from a hardened glass material or Aluminium, the hammer made from glass would be stronger. But, if it is used several times, it is sure to break. So it is strong, but not tough. On the other hand, a hammer made from iron is strong too, but it can break glass with just a single blow. Hence, things that are strong are necessarily tough. So look into both the aspects when you decide your material.



FDM and Nozzel Temperature

FDM materials should melt at a temperature which is  low enough to be filled into the printer and produced. Some materials like Nickel and Ceramic cannot be used during the FDM printing process. You must also know that the 3D printing material you consider to be strong or tough might not have the same ductileness when its temperature increases. Hence, you should look into the following during such times:


Heat Deflection

When the parts being 3D printed are supposed to be immersed in boiling water, they might not hold their shape for long. So when medical devices are being printed, the heat deflection and their application must be taken into consideration. The parts needed for MRI scanning have to be printed from PC and the ones that should not have static electricity have to printed by using a particular ABS type.


Deciding the right material

When you are not aware of the characteristics like toughness, durability and temperature, deciding the right material becomes an uphill task. During such times, you can get in touch with the experts of 1click3DPrint and shoot your inquiries for the properties of the material needed for your project. Get your 3D printed material now!

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