Miracles That Solid Printing Technology Will Craft for You in Future!

With each passing day, we come across technologies that make us scratch our heads and think, “How on the earth is that possible?” However, when we start using these technologies, we realize its importance and it becomes a part and parcel of our lives. Have you ever heard of the word ‘Solid Printing’? Just as the word describes, it means printing the object as it is in a solid form. This is known as 3D printing technology.

As a part of this kind of printing, it is possible for you to create prototypes of the objects you want. This technology will work wonders for you in the future. Check out the ways:

Printing of drugs:

Yes. It is now possible to print pharmaceutical products and their blue prints. Thanks to the 3D printing technology, some chemists think that it will be possible to create the prototypes or blueprints which will be exactly like drugs. So you might see times when there will be no drug factories needed to make tablets to heal you. Sounds amazing… Isn’t it?

Solid printing of clothes:

The solid printing facilities today are capable enough to manufacture fabrics and materials by using interlinking software. This means it will be easy to make knits and stitches and design a cloth as it is through a printer. Imagine if your design comes right in front of your eyes after being printed! Food for thought… huh? The fashion industry might bear a huge loss if it becomes common to print clothes.

Dining in Space:

NASA in partnership with a company based in Texas has created a 3D food printer to enable its Mars Missions. It means that NASA’s food technology program will develop methods of printing food which will be compatible, safe and acceptable during prolonged space missions. The food produced this way will use minimal resources out of spacecraft and save a lot of time.

The above concepts of solid printing might sound unbelievable to you but they will be soon a reality. See how!

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