An Amazing 3D Printer That Uses Recycled Plastic Can Save a Lot!

3D printers might cost more but they are capable of printing the products with cutting-edge technology. They are crafted to get the desired results as per the 3D model designed by you. There are many printers in the present market but very few of them use the recycled materials to print the final product. And one of them is Filabot.


Filabot 3D Printer, 1click3dprint Filabot 3D Printer

Filabot 3D Printer

The Filabot is the one of the 3D printers that can produce some unbelievable products by using the recycled plastic. The overall process of 3D printing a prototype would be the same but the materials used will be the only difference.


Recycled Materials Used in Filabot

To produce a perfect filament, this printer doesn’t take much of energy. We can say that it just uses fraction of energy to do that. When it comes to the materials, the machine works pretty well with materials such as ABS, FDM, HDPE etc. But it might not be able to produce the filament by using PVC material because of its toxic nature.


Save a lot by Using Recycled Plastic

The replacement of material can save you thousands if not lakhs if the production is on large scale.You can develop a brand new product at the cost of pennies. And the fact that the plastic is recycled, you are also helping the environment to be cleaner and fresh other than using it for 3D printing.


Overall this printer is eco-friendly and it can be used for printing different scale models. If you want to buy such printers, you can visit our 3D printer store and buy one of them.

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