Make Sure You Take These Steps Before Buying a 3D Printer for Yourself!

People who love creativity love 3D printing. And they are pretty fond of 3D printers too. This is because they give them the freedom to print whatever they want, whenever they are willing to. There are times when you might have thought about buying these small delights but might have postponed the plan after checking out the prices.

Well, making you aware of the current scenario, the 3D printers of today are  erasing the line between availability and affordability. However, when you go for buying, it is very important to make certain considerations as you definitely do not want to regret later. So what steps should you take to ensure that your printer is the right one for your utility?

Replicator Z18 3D Printer

Replicator Z18 3D Printer


Decide your interest

You might have several reasons behind buying a 3d printer. However, you must know whether you want to experiment with the hardware or are willing to print the things that have been designed already. Mostly, people like to buy 3D printers based on the printer’s ability to help them build 3D prototypes from scratch. Conduct your R&D and communicate with 3D printing communities to get better insights about the same.

Know Your Budget

You might hate this part but the money you are willing to spend depends on the type of 3D printer you can buy. The kit-based printers are usually cheaper as compared to pre-assembled printers. And if you buy self-sourced printers, they are even cheaper to kit-based printers. The solid pre-assembled printers are available in the market between the price range of $500 to $5000.

Have fun

Fun and 3D printing go hand in hand! Whether you are a child or adult, you can print whatever you imagine with the help of printers. You can research, explore and print your own bespoke stuff. People also print functional art like stationaries, game pieces, hardware objects and more. Need for household objects is also fulfilled by these printed prototypes. You possibly cannot ask for more!


The above steps will ensure that you buy the right printer for yourself. Check out the range of few fantastic Makerbot printers provided by us.

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