Some Amazing Printers That Enable Desktop 3d Printing at Home!

3d printing or rapid prototyping on your own is not a distant dream it seems! You can do a lot by using 3d printers at home. For the people who want to undertake desktop 3d printing, there are several firms that offer desktop 3d printers. You can choose the best printer out of the huge range of 3d printers to suit your needs and create the best 3d models. If you are looking forward to buy printer for your needs, here are some of them:



MakerBot Replicator

If you are inclined towards 3d printing or are aware about rapid prototyping, you must have heard about the brand MakerBot. Being one of the biggest names in the 3d printing industry, it has a product named MakerBot Replicator 2 which is one of the most superior desktop printers in the market. It can print 100 microns which means that it can print something as thin as a paper. Thanks to this printer, you can get objects that are detailed and have smooth surface. Print it to know.



3D Systems’ Cube

When it comes to desktop 3d printing, you must find a printer that doesn’t acquire much of the desk space. And when you want to print small models, Cube is the best printer to go for. Given the title ‘easiest to use’, it is one of the printers that enthusiasts yearn for. Even if a child needs to enable rapid prototyping for his/her project, he/she can easily print models in 16 different colours. Fascinating! Isn’t it?




FlashForge 3D Printer

If you do not want to have a huge hole in your pocket while buying a 3d printer, FlashForge is an excellent choice. It comes with a dual extruder so that you can print models having 2 colours instead of just one. All you have to do is load the filament in each printing head and print whatever you like. As the printer makes use of open source technology, rapid prototyping is possible with it. But you must also know that this printer doesn’t come with a filament.



With so many printers available in the market, DIY printing is definitely possible. Print it now!

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