World’s First 3D Printer that Can Scan and Print Products Via Rotatory Scanner!

The 3D Printing technology is no longer unknown to the world. The innovations and the implementation of different resources have crossed the limits to give the best to the tech freaks out there. Similar was the case when NTU Singapore’s start-up Blacksmith Group launched a 3D printer that can scan, digitize the model with minimum software knowledge and print the product in 3D. Don’t you think that you should give it a try? Well, as of now, it is not yet in the market for sale. You can surely try when the first batch of printers come out in March.


Innovative Concept

Worlds First 3D Printer - Rotatory Scanner

The concept was to create a 3D printing prototype and print the product in 3D with minimal knowledge of using complicated 3D software. The printer has 5 megapixel camera with a rotatory platform for scanning which hardly takes 5-6 minutes to scan an object. After scanning the object, you might not need the 3D software because the image processing done by the scanner itself gives a perfect digitized object. And if at all you need it, there is a software that supports that printer to chance the object design according to your requirements.


Effortless 3D Printing

As said, you need not have much knowledge about the 3D modeling tools, because the printer has the capability to digitize the product which is set to scan. All you have to do it place the product on the rotatory panel of the printer, let the printer scan, digitize it and print it in 3D. That’s it! Isn’t it effortless?



The 3D printer comes with a 2-inch LCD display, 5 megapixel camera, 360 degrees scanning through rotary platform, Wi-Fi, SD card reader and USB connection option. The USB connectivity gives you an option of printing the object directly from your computer by this 3D printer. The resolution of 50 micrometers will give detailed print of prototype as compared to the normal 3D printers in the present market. The scanning process is also faster.


This rotatory 3d printer is yet another example of how the technology in 3D printing is producing some unbelievable machines. Stay tuned to our blog for such types of updates in 3-dimensional Printing.

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