SLA Rapid Prototyping Technology Explained

This technology is considered to be the most versatile and renounced specially in the production of concept models. SLA rapid prototyping produces one off model that can be presented, also used in vacuum casting. The application of this prototyping technique is also extended in 3D printing and in additive manufacturing. Professionals are capable of delivering or rather offering different finishing options.

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In house facility at a professional

There are many machines that function round the clock, provided you get it done with an expert. Their skills are such that any tight deadlines can be met and generally its a next day delivery. Temperature resistance, moisture stability and high stiffness are some of the properties of the 3D printing done with a professional.


Technical details of SLA

The standard resolution has accuracy of 0.1mm while the high resolution SLA technique is even finer up to 0.05mm. This technique is capable of producing envelopes in both standard and high resolution mode. High resolution mode is one of the salient features of this technique getting the best outcomes.


Process explained

This is a 3D printing process helping in making rapid prototypes. Its immediate application is in the use of product building for one-off presentation of the model, eliminating the need of further changes. Quality surface finish, high accuracy, excellent optical clarity and thin walls are the features of this technology. The flexibility of using range of material makes it even more vulnerable and increased level of tolerance.


This is when you use SLA

Stereolithography (SLA) is ideal for making concept models that one-off and doesn’t have room for further changes. But apart from that due to their cost effectiveness, it is widely used. Tight deadlines can be matched with the help of exact measurements. This technology also permits the pre-production of certain parts.


SLA rapid prototyping is efficient and cost effective in the range of 3D printing, make your model with this technology now!

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